Introducing the Spirit

Introducing the Spirit


A: I don’t think I would have a problem doing anything if I knew God wanted me to do it.  I just don’t believe these other people when they tell me I should be doing something because God says I should.

B: You don’t necessarily need to.  Taking into account the possibility that God could have told other people to tell you His word, you may want to find out for yourself if He really did.  Fortunately, God has provided a way for everybody to find out for themselves.

A: Yeah?  How?

B: By simply asking Him!  You can check with Him about any statement somebody makes.

A: What, do you know where God lives?  How am I supposed to find Him?!

B: This is what all the believing folk refer to as “prayer.”  One great thing about it is that you don’t actually have to go anywhere, and neither do you even have to speak your thoughts out loud: He knows even your thoughts, since He knows everything.

A: Oh, and I suppose He’s just going to give me what I want?

B: It depends on what’s best for you.  As God is perfect and loves you perfectly, He will give you whatever is best for you at the moment.  He may answer with silence, meaning you’ll perhaps have to wait for a more thorough explanation to come later, or possibly work harder for it, which would be for your long-term good.  He may answer by giving you certain feelings and ideas – a lot of people call this “The Spirit,” and so will I.  He may answer through another person’s words or actions, or through some event in your life – regardless of how big or small you see it as.  There are a bunch of ways that He might answer, but rest assured – He will always answer in the best possible way.

You might recall that I said some time back that God is the only source of eternal truth.  Men, being the imperfect creatures that they are, cannot determine truth for themselves; in order to so, they’d have to verify it for all times, places, and situations, which they simply don’t have the power to do.  Something more powerful than men – call it a “higher power,” if you will – would have to be the source.

Let me also reiterate that science is not actually truth, at least of an eternal nature, even if it’s been verified by experimental evidence a bajillion times.  All science is based on various assumptions, and much of it is based on the assumption that certain things have always been the same and will never change.  This has to be an assumption, since there’s no way to guarantee (that we know of) that such things will always be true.

So, in short: if we want to know eternal truth, we have to get it from God.

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