Is It Really from God?

Is It Really from God?


gods-kitchenA: How do you know that what you’re feeling is really the Spirit, or of God?

B: I can know that I’m feeling the Spirit because I recognize God’s voice, just as I may recognize a good friend’s voice.  This may be thought of as the Spirit’s “signature.”

A: How do you know it’s not your own voice inside your head?

B: Good question.  But there’s still a difference.  For one thing, I’m already familiar with the way I think, but when I have impressions from the Spirit, I can tell they aren’t the way I think.  Also, He gives impressions that I may only translate into something “the voice inside my head” says.  But as I say, there’s a “signature” of that impression that laces the translation, as unique as a person’s voice is.  As is perhaps fairly evident from my struggles to do so, it’s difficult to describe.  The best thing, of course, is to experience it yourself.

A: Sounds to me like you’re just making it all up.

B: Well of course you don’t have to believe me.  But then again, there’s no particular need for me to prove it to you, either.  Why should I?  I know what I’m feeling is from God.  Why do I need somebody else’s validation?  The main reason I share it is by way of information.  It’s something that has helped me so much in my life – yea, even more than anything else – and in the lives of many others, that I feel obligated to tell others about it.  Wouldn’t it be more than a bit inconsiderate of me if I didn’t tell others about this great thing I have, that they themselves can obtain?

A: If you know that God has given you knowledge, why can’t you prove it to me?  I would think that you should be able to tell me exactly how you know.

B: There’s great benefit in discovering things for ourselves.  I apologize for my own inadequacies, but I really think the only way you could really know is if you experienced it yourself.  Even if God came out in all His undeniable glory, how would you know that it isn’t just some show that somebody else has put on to fool you into thinking it’s God?  It’s amazing the illusions that people can conjure up these days.  I mean, you’ve seen all those crazy special effects in movies.  If God worked a mighty miracle directly in front of your eyes, you may be convinced initially that it was of God, but only a few days later your memory of it may already be foggy enough that you start thinking it was all just smoke and mirrors.  There has to be some way for God to communicate with us that men could never replicate, and that way, I’m telling you, is through the Spirit, and apparently defies adequate human description, but not human comprehension.  Only God could do something like this.

Describing all this is about as difficult as it is to describe the taste of salt to someone who’s never tasted it before, or a certain color with which he is unfamiliar.  If you don’t have it with you to refer to, you might find explaining it as insurmountable a task as any you’ve ever come across.  It would be far simpler to just have the person taste the salt, or see the color – i.e., experience it for himself.  Are salt and the color real?  Of course they are; just because they’re difficult to describe in easy terms without the option of first-hand experience doesn’t make them any less real.

A: Well, buddy, I could make up anything and claim that you have to “experience it for yourself” to find that I’m telling the truth.

B: Of course you could.  Feel free to.  The point that I’m trying to make about the Spirit is that He actually is real, and you can verify it for yourself.  Can you do the same with your claim?

A: Oh yeah?  How can you verify it, then, anyway?

B: We’ve talked about this already, and we’ll talk about it more later.

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