Life Is a Test, Take Two

Life Is a Test, Take Two


m2B: How is this life a test of faith?  The faith in question here is in God: whether we will believe that God will uphold our good faith and take care of us or not.  Amazingly, due to His love and omnipotence, He can and will; else He would contradict His own decrees 1 and would be a liar.

He may not, however, always do what we want Him to do for us.  Sometimes we won’t get the job we want, or the spouse or children we want, at least initially.  An untimely death may occur, or some other catastrophe.  These trials tend to present further moments in which our faith is tested.

A: So how can you say He takes care of us, if He allows all these horrible things to happen to us?!

B: It depends on what one means by “take care of us,” I think.  One thing we have to remember is that there is some reward that awaits the faithful in the next life, which is one way He “takes care of us.”  Unfortunately, we may not always find sufficient comfort in that, since we’re usually more concerned about this life.  For that, I believe that He never allows us to suffer “more than we can bear,” meaning that for every trial that we do end up facing in this life, God, Who has foreseen them all for each of us, has given us the fortitude to endure it.  (You might recall that I mentioned this before.)  That fortitude, by the way, includes the ability to humble oneself to call on God for help, which help He will provide according to our faith, willingness, etc., and His will.  This is one way in which He “takes care of us” in this life; in general, God will “provide” for us and our families if we are faithful to Him, in whatever way that He deems appropriate, according to the truer happiness that He knows we can enjoy.  In many cases, unforeseen opportunities or good fortune may arise; in others, we may continue to suffer, but find ourselves to be more resilient than we thought we were.

Here’s a quote about that:

It isn’t as bad as you sometimes think it is.
It all works out. Don’t worry.
I say that to myself every morning.
It will all work out.
Put your trust in God,
and move forward with faith
and confidence in the future.
The Lord will not forsake us.
He will not forsake us.
If we will put our trust in Him,
if we will pray to Him,
if we will live worthy of His blessings,
He will hear our prayers.

And another 2:

When good men and good women face challenges with optimism, things will always work out! Truly, things always work out! Despite how difficult circumstances may look at the moment, those who have faith and move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out.

The take-home message here is that, despite the myriad opportunities we have to be dishonest or to disobey God in some way, presumably for the perceived immediate (but only temporary) pleasure we anticipate having as a result of that disobedience, we never “have” to choose that route, as God will always help us if we obey Him.  We don’t have to cut corners or be dishonest to get “ahead” at work or in school.  We don’t have to act like a jerk, or be rude, or conform to the trends of the world, in order to “succeed in life,” have good friends, or be happily married.  A business doesn’t have to follow dishonest, questionable, or so-called “politically correct” practices to succeed, regardless of any popular pressure that may ensue.  It may be that we don’t enjoy the results that we initially wanted from our labors – not only that, we may lose a job, potential spouse, or even our business.  But God knows what will make us happiest – we need only trust in Him, and He will help us find that happiness.  He will uphold the faithful.  Otherwise, He would “cease to be God.”

  1. See this, that, and the other scripture.
  2. Both quotes attr. to Gordon B. Hinckley (1910-2008).

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