The Role of God’s Spirit Concerning His Commandments

The Role of God’s Spirit Concerning His Commandments


A: So if this Spirit thing you were talking about before is available to everyone, how come this is the first time I’ve heard anything about it?  Why has it taken God so long in getting it out to everyone?  Did He only recently invent it?

B: One thing you’ve got to remember is that God doesn’t force Himself on anybody.  He lets everyone have their choice in anything, as we’ll discuss later.  The Spirit has actually always been potentially “available” to anyone who wants to have His companionship, since the dawn of time.  There have regularly been people who know about the privilege, and have told others about it, but many of those others rejected it.

A: If it’s so great, why would they reject it?

B: Perhaps because they don’t believe in it, or they feel it comes at too great a price.

A: A-HA!  So there IS a silver lining!

B: It seems odd to me that it is considered by so many to be so costly, because the “cost” consists merely of obeying God’s commandments, which are intended for our happiness anyway.  Furthermore, the reward (that is, the Spirit) far outweighs any potential cost anyway, unless you’re unwilling to sacrifice your bad habits to obey those commandments.

A: Why is there any cost associated with it at all?  If it’s so great, I would think a loving God would just offer it to us free of charge.

B: You can’t think of God as being just an information service.  He’s our Father, for crying out loud.  What kind of a relationship would you like to have with an ideal father?  What kind of a relationship do you think an ideal father would like to have with you?  Why should God give us more blessings if we don’t appear to be willing to accept the blessings He’s given us already – that is, His commandments?

A: I can’t believe you still think of God’s commandments as “blessings.”  They seem unnecessarily restrictive to me.

B: Anything God gives us is a blessing.  You might recall He gives us commandments for our good, so that we can become more like Him and enjoy the happiness He’s intended for us.  He knows what comes of breaking His commandments, and so He sets them as barriers beyond which we should not pass if we wish to remain on the direct path toward His happiness.

It’s great that you bring up the Spirit as we’re discussing God’s commandments, because that’s another benefit of the Spirit: He can give us strength and motivation to keep those commandments.  If there’s ever a situation in which we don’t feel like making the choice that takes us closer to God, we can pray for the Spirit and trust that He will give us the courage to do His will.

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