The U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution


B: I’ve always been impressed by the U.S. Constitution.  To think, perhaps a modest document to some (especially so, perhaps, in the day it was composed), it has served as the basic framework for the government of the phenomenal American nation for well over 200 years.  In fact, I’ll go so far as to claim that it was even inspired of God.

A: Will you now.  The whole thing, really?

B: I’m not sure about the whole thing, but at least large parts of it (or at least its general tenor).  And why couldn’t it be only partially so?  For some parts, I feel that the Founding Fathers (or “Founding Pas,” if you will) had to have been somewhat in tune with Deity through His Spirit.  For others…perhaps at those times, they let their human faults get in the way.

A: Oh did they just?  Would you like to comment on which parts you don’t approve of?

B: To be honest, I don’t know of any in specific.  I’m not a Constitution scholar, so I don’t know what all is in there, but I think I heard once there was some provision made for slavery to continue – which one would think God would want done away with as soon as possible, so how could that bit be inspired?  Even then, perhaps the compromises they came up with at the time were the best they could do.  And God wouldn’t do anything about that, since He has always allowed men their agency to do whatever they would like to do with it.


A: So why would you think parts were not inspired, if you don’t have any specific beef to complain about?

B: Oh, just the fact that it was written by men, and of course men are flawed.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some mistake made somewhere.

A: Wasn’t so-called “holy writ” also written by men?

B: Of course, but I would say that those men were specifically inspired at that time they wrote those things.  But of course it’s true that they too were flawed; if there are any mistakes in holy writ they are the mistakes of men, since of course God doesn’t make mistakes.  And, of course, if you want to find out whether a scripture is mistaken, you can always find out through the Spirit, just as you can with all truth.

A: Of course.

A: So what’s the big deal about the Constitution being inspired, yet flawed?

B: Just that it should be continually respected to be a valid authority on what the government of the country should be – and not only this country, but any – and that perhaps it can be improved upon.  But if it can be improved upon, there must be some ideal it does not endorse sufficiently.  And what ideal should a government strive for?  As I mentioned before, it should respect freedom and justice above all else.  I would say the Constitution already does a great job of that; but if there is anything where it can be improved in that regard – for example, with the possible provision of slavery I wondered about above, which already has been taken care of anyway – then, for crying out loud: it should be improved.

Have the Amendments to the Constitution given more freedom, or taken it away?  Whatever future Amendments to it should be made to give or maintain the maximum amount of freedom.  Whatever Amendments that have been made that have taken away freedom should be done away with.  If I haven’t made it clear already: the main goal of government should be to maximize the amount of freedom, as defined before, for the citizens it governs.

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